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Thank you for your beautiful messages, comments and testimonies. I appreciate every single one of you, your support is not overlooked or taken for granted. I look forward to sharing more poetic pieces with you.

“Yes… I feel the wellbeing exercises will become part of my daily norm”


“Like the email stunning! The website is user friendly and easy to navigate.”


“I can’t wait to dive into [my npn journal] tonight”


“I got my free npn journal today. I cannot wait to print off the well-being exercises tonight”


“It looked stunning! I loved the visuals. the content is engaging and thought provoking”


“Choice! so much choice and valuable information. tips to manifest positive grounding were a bonus too.”


“What can is say, aprt from amazing!!! I love the ‘dear black woman’ section and the journal prompts – and yes, when was the last time I forgave myself?! great work by nadine, keep rising empress. I am certain this will be a valuable and successful journey!


“I was not expecting so much content, so that was a bonus”





Rebecca – Today I Smile

“This is absolutely beautifully written. I was on the journey with you and I love how you ended this piece with hope.”

Rima – Speaking Up For My Grief

Beautifully written! It tells a story I can clearly envision ‘with death comes freedom, the only kind I can guarantee’ – this line resonated with me”

Rochelle – A Search For Freedom

“I absolutely love this! The way you encapsulated this moment was somehow cathartic, like an ancestor dwelling in me identified. I really needed to read this. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.”

Rineya – A Search For Freedom

“I love this!!!”

Muna – Seeing The Unseen

“‘My worth only visible through trade and sex. They only see me as as Black stain in their pure White sheets. Merely validating my existence in abusive acts of ignorant enlightenment’ – You capture my feelings in a way I could not articulate. Tbis is emotional. I cried because I was thumping my chest saying…this…is…it! Thank you.”

Pluristic Voices – Blackness