Creativity, Writing and Self-Publishing This episode of Outspoken October explores the world's of being a creativity whilst mothering, writing as a way of expression and connection as well as the glories and pitfalls of self-publishing with the self-love advocate Charm. This candid conversation speaks on having a dream of fulfilling it whilst being a mother and wife and … Continue reading Creativity, Writing and Self-Publishing

Connecting With Self Learning to connect with Self can seem like an uphill battle at times, but it does not have to be this way. Join Kloveism and I as we explore the what "the work" looks and feels like, our personal journeys of self-acceptance, self-love and much much more. From meditating to mastery oracle cards, Klove … Continue reading Connecting With Self

Peace, Positivity, and Purpose (feat. Mikel Ermine.)

I am happy to be in a position that allows me to have open dialogue with women who inspire me in various ways. The NPN space has provide me with the opportunity to finding our what makes successful and ambitious women of colour elevate, evolve and excel in all that they do. In this installment … Continue reading Peace, Positivity, and Purpose (feat. Mikel Ermine.)

In Honour of Transparency

Whilst exploring between all the layers of me I found hidden treasures and faded dreams that swirled around me in the hurricane of my mind. From the eye of the storm I saw all that I wished to be, but it moved so fast that to step out of the centre would be a move … Continue reading In Honour of Transparency

Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2 Once again, disclaimer, this sequel to Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt1 talks about triggering experiences relating to miscarriages, preterm labours, and stillbirths; however, it also shines some light on the rainbow babies, growth, healing and sisterhood. To get in contact with Rima follow her on Instagram and WordPress today! Let's talk What three things are … Continue reading Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2

Returning Home to Self

December was almost like a period of hibernation. I stepped away from the chitter-chatter of social media and took some time away to exhale. I stopped plaguing myself with judgements that were founded by those who do not know me, the Nadine that is still on her journey of healing and personal development and instead … Continue reading Returning Home to Self

Sisterhood – Leaning Into Female Connections

Over the years I have swerved in and out of friendships with women. At times I found the cliché of women not being supportive of one another to be true, but as I have gotten older and as my emotional maturity has come into full bloom, I am now not as sensitive as I used … Continue reading Sisterhood – Leaning Into Female Connections

It Speaks 1000 words

A moment in time. A gateway that I felt I could not ever move through. I changed my hair to fit a label that was assigned to me. I hoovered in between the darkness and the light hoping that something would push me in either direction; making it less of a burden to choose a … Continue reading It Speaks 1000 words

Sunday Hymn For My Inner Child

It is easy to forget yourself in the midst of everything that is happening around you and to you. It sometimes feels impossible to let everything be what is it. To let things settle on the earth and set new roots. To hear your thoughts. To exhale. It is when seasons change that we find … Continue reading Sunday Hymn For My Inner Child