Creativity, Writing and Self-Publishing This episode of Outspoken October explores the world's of being a creativity whilst mothering, writing as a way of expression and connection as well as the glories and pitfalls of self-publishing with the self-love advocate Charm. This candid conversation speaks on having a dream of fulfilling it whilst being a mother and wife and … Continue reading Creativity, Writing and Self-Publishing

Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2 Once again, disclaimer, this sequel to Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt1 talks about triggering experiences relating to miscarriages, preterm labours, and stillbirths; however, it also shines some light on the rainbow babies, growth, healing and sisterhood. To get in contact with Rima follow her on Instagram and WordPress today! Let's talk What three things are … Continue reading Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, The man who made me. The beginning of my existence. The hole left in my heart, and the memories in my mind as I carry his love in my soul. His laughter is not lost. His silent present still felt between the woven layers of my siblings. His demeanour everlasting, echoing off the … Continue reading Dear Daddy

Revisited – The Blood Runs Deep

This #npnarrative is one that I wrote a few years back when the tragic killing of Micheal Brown happened in America. It was read during a Black Livss Matter conference by the Founder of a Black forum called Ain't I A Woman Collective. I have not edited this piece, therefore the essence and views are … Continue reading Revisited – The Blood Runs Deep