Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2 Once again, disclaimer, this sequel to Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt1 talks about triggering experiences relating to miscarriages, preterm labours, and stillbirths; however, it also shines some light on the rainbow babies, growth, healing and sisterhood. To get in contact with Rima follow her on Instagram and WordPress today! Let's talk What three things are … Continue reading Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt2

Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt1 This episode is one that comes with a disclaimer, throughout this candid conversation there will be open dialogue regarding miscarriages, preterm labours, and still births. Both I and Rima Plummer have unfortunately gone through the agonising experience of losing a child/children. Like so many other women of colour, we are cornered into a margin … Continue reading Navigating Pregnancy Loss Pt1

WellBee UK – Taking Up Space Interview (extracts)

Motherhood (circa 2006)

My motherhood journey started in the midst of a heatwave summer in 2006. Unbeknownst to me I was with child along with a broken toe. I remember entering into the doctors office having my big toe splinted up from a clumsy fall I had a week or so prior. By the off chance I requested … Continue reading Motherhood (circa 2006)

The Mothers

I have watched the mothers in my family give themselves away to their men, their children, their lovers, their friends without a thought for themselves. Constantly selling their commodity of love so freely. A currency so precious that its value is listed as priceless on the timesheets of labour. The nurturer in each of them … Continue reading The Mothers

A Snippet of a Mother’s Love

I carried you with me. Within the fragile walls of my heart and the cavity of my uterus. A space of healing and comfort. I felt your kicks. I cooed over your subtle strokes along the lining of my tummy. I waited impatiently for your arrival into my physical world. The world in which I … Continue reading A Snippet of a Mother’s Love