Wellness and Healing as a Community (feat. Juliet co-founder of WellBee UK)

What made you want to start your platform WellBeeUK? I’ve always had an interest in mental health since sixth form/college - I’m currently in my final year of medical school and I’d like to train to become a psychiatrist. It was my clinical supervisor on my psychiatry placement who told me it was a doctor’s … Continue reading Wellness and Healing as a Community (feat. Juliet co-founder of WellBee UK)

Black British Writing Pt2

https://videopress.com/v/nErUjsYD?preloadContent=metadata Following up from part 1 Rineya Umran Ka and I continue the wonderful conversation about being a Black British writer. In this episode we discuss aspects of trauma and how writing acts as a bridge between people, demographic and/or experiences. Parallel to this we speak on how Black literature often centres around traumatic experiences … Continue reading Black British Writing Pt2

Finding Joy and Selfhood Through Journaling (feat. Leanne Lindsey)

What made you want to start your own life-coaching business? I started out in IT. I studied computing at university and joined the IT department of a large car manufacturer as a graduate. Soon after joining I began mentoring 2 teenage girls at a local secondary school as part of the company’s CSR. I really … Continue reading Finding Joy and Selfhood Through Journaling (feat. Leanne Lindsey)

Remember the Days

Little Black girls playing Running Out on hot summers days, in a playground made of redbrick stone and rusty metal swings. Cliques forming to make a new dance routine to the soothing sounds of Janet Jackson's That's The Way Love Goes. Beaming smiles radiate on the various brown faces. Childhood innocence layered with feeling like … Continue reading Remember the Days

This Is What I Owe Myself

I've been lounging in my vulnerability. Planting roots into it. Making sure I settle into this soil that surrounds my soul. I save my tears for the days that they are truly needed. Not because I am trying to be strong, but because I have learnt to accept my feelings for what they are; even … Continue reading This Is What I Owe Myself

Today I Smiled.

Today I smiled. Woke up this morning facing a new direction. The rainfall cleared away a lot of my stagnant energy that I had weighing me down. A sense of revival washed over me when I opened my eyes. The droplets of heavens tears brought a newness into my space. This transformative shift is what … Continue reading Today I Smiled.

Leaning into Self

Hmmmm... I am comfortable with where I currently am I life. Who knew it could feel this good?! Appreciating the small things whilst quietly working on the big things. As I take this time to really reconnect with myself, I have come to realise that you have to be proactive when trying to align yourself … Continue reading Leaning into Self

I am Woman

I am a woman, yes I am. Bold with integrity and full of dignity. My strides set a blaze the streets of this concrete jungle. This grey metropolis cannot overcast my vibrancy, nor can it taint my legitimacy as a Black woman. I laugh in the face of adversity as I have cried too many … Continue reading I am Woman

The Strength of a Black Woman

The label of 'strong' has its disadvantages. To be called a 'Strong Black Woman' for the majority of her life shackles her to the expectations that has no bounds. Being seen in this light strips her of her ability to be vulnerable, soft, self-compassionate and awareness of her own needs. The strength found in a … Continue reading The Strength of a Black Woman