Connecting With Self Learning to connect with Self can seem like an uphill battle at times, but it does not have to be this way. Join Kloveism and I as we explore the what "the work" looks and feels like, our personal journeys of self-acceptance, self-love and much much more. From meditating to mastery oracle cards, Klove … Continue reading Connecting With Self

Black British Writing Pt1

In this amazing episode titled Black British Writing, Rineya Umran Ka and myself delve into how our writing journey has shaped us, helped us heal old wounds and investigate the world around us. For both of us writing has been our saving grace, not only has it reminded us of our strengths it has also … Continue reading Black British Writing Pt1

Queer, Black and Proud Pt1 What does it mean to be Black, Queer and proud in Britain? In this insightful episode I sat down with my cousin Nena, Founder of Crown Mi Ltd, to discuss her experiences and revelations as a Black queer woman. In addition to this, we touched upon mental health, both inside and outside the scope … Continue reading Queer, Black and Proud Pt1

Finding Joy and Selfhood Through Journaling (feat. Leanne Lindsey)

What made you want to start your own life-coaching business? I started out in IT. I studied computing at university and joined the IT department of a large car manufacturer as a graduate. Soon after joining I began mentoring 2 teenage girls at a local secondary school as part of the company‚Äôs CSR. I really … Continue reading Finding Joy and Selfhood Through Journaling (feat. Leanne Lindsey)

Remember the Days

Little Black girls playing Running Out on hot summers days, in a playground made of redbrick stone and rusty metal swings. Cliques forming to make a new dance routine to the soothing sounds of Janet Jackson's That's The Way Love Goes. Beaming smiles radiate on the various brown faces. Childhood innocence layered with feeling like … Continue reading Remember the Days

Growth into Womanhood

My journey from girlhood to womanhood has been one of great joys, hardships, sorrows, love, understanding, growth, healing and self-awareness. I have come to learn all the nuisances that have made me who I am today. I have created life and had life stripped away from me. I have entered into marriage and have settled … Continue reading Growth into Womanhood

Untitled no. 2

It is so easy to hide behind the facades we create for ourselves. Afraid of letting our nakedness reveal itself in the midst of uncertainty. Scared to let our blackness fill the room in case we overshadow those who do not see us for who we are. I see my imperfections as reminders of what … Continue reading Untitled no. 2

‘Claiming My Identity’ – This is Only the Beginning

She said to claim who I am. i sat there. In a midst of confusion. Cyphering my way through what i have been programmed to learn about myself from phantom ghosts of the past. What was my reality? How can i voice my truth? Was the struggle mental or one of misunderstanding? The conflict still … Continue reading ‘Claiming My Identity’ – This is Only the Beginning