Narratives of a Black Woman

I am Black. I am a Black woman. I am Black each and every day. I am Black and proud. Black and beautiful. Black and bold. My blackness speaks volumes even when it is continually being threatened, neglected, muted and erased. My Black may differ from others, yet our various shades when combined make the richest tone of Black ever known. I was Black yesterday. I am Black today. I will be Black tomorrow.

Black is the Colour of My Skin

We are…

Don’t misinterpret why PoC are “resistant”. We are not “aggressive”, we are fighting for the right to exist. We are not “uncivilised”, we are being denied access to the centre in which out intellect can be recognised as meaningful. We are not “less than”, we are beyond comprehension hence your acts of cultural appropriation. We … Continue reading We are…

Returning Home to Self

December was almost like a period of hibernation. I stepped away from the chitter-chatter of social media and took some time away to exhale. I stopped plaguing myself with judgements that were founded by those who do not know me, the Nadine that is still on her journey of healing and personal development and instead … Continue reading Returning Home to Self

Thank You

Thank you for the times you held me up when others would walk past me. Thank you for lending me your war when I had nowhere to express myself. Thank you for holding my hand when I was too fearful to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you for those kind words that made … Continue reading Thank You

Remember the Days

Little Black girls playing Running Out on hot summers days, in a playground made of redbrick stone and rusty metal swings. Cliques forming to make a new dance routine to the soothing sounds of Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes. Beaming smiles radiate on the various brown faces. Childhood innocence layered with feeling like … Continue reading Remember the Days


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