About Me

After graduating from my Masters in Black British Writing (2019), I became MORE aware of the historical/contemporary silencing and disempowerment of Black and Brown women in the UK, as well as the lack of support/services available to us. As a Black British woman of Caribbean descent, I understand how it feels to be doubly-oppressed in today’s society; for this reason, it became important for me to create a space that will not only empower and affirm women who look like me, but will advocate and facilitate restorative and nurturing services for them to heal, grow and thrive individually and collectively. This has now become more than a passion project and has progressively transformed into my purpose. In Sept 2019, I decided to create NPNarratives (NPN).

NPN started out as a space where I used my writing/poetry as an act of self-care for myself and women of colour who could relate to the experiences of being marginalised, muted and misunderstood; however, over the course of 2020 NPN transitioned into the beginnings of a small business.

What to expect from NPN

Although NPN is in its infancy, it has had an impactful affect on women who have partaken in services that I have provided, in which they have stated that…

“[NPN is] a safe space that aims to increase joy. Nadine forces you to reflect in ways that we forget to do and assists with reconnecting with self and the purpose of self. Finally, Nadine reminds you to be kinder to yourself.”

“NPN is a fun, nurturing and a restorative space for women of colour”

“Choice! So much choice and valuable information. Tips to manifest positive grounding were a bonus too.”

What you’ll gain from NPN

I am currently in the process of creating TWO signature programmes that will support melinated women with:

✔ Feeling empowered and confident

✔ Reconnecting with Self through therapeutic writing

✔ Setting healthy boundaries for themselves and others

✔ Exploring, addressing and fulfilling needs/goals

✔ Improving in specific areas of personal development

…whilst cultivating joy and a sense of inner knowing in a safe space whether that be in.

My overall objective is to help facilitate women of colour on their personal development journeys, not “fix” them; as the fixing is where they have full control over their narrative.

Find Out More

If you would like to collaborate and/or find out more information about NPN services contact Nadine via email npnarratives@gmail.com


to give womeN of colour a voice

give back + support

provide useful resources