NPNarratives (NPN) is a space in which women of colour can come to get their fill of empowerment, inspiration and healing. This platform was created by a Black woman for Black women. With Black and Brown women being a collective that is often overlooked, neglected and/or silenced NPN’s Founder, Nadine Plummer, strives to uplift and amplify their voices whilst encouraging them to honour and show up for themselves in all areas of their bountiful lives by utilising writing therapies as an act of self-care.

NPN is the perfect space for women of colour to grow, heal and thrive together that will help them to become re-aligned with the woman they were yesterday, are today and will be tomorrow.

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From poetry to affirmations, Narratives of a Black Woman illustrates the experiences and stories of women of colour across the globe. Although our experiences may differ from place to place the underlying messages and feelings remain the same. It is time to remove the gag and be heard.


Joining forces is a great way to nurture and restore the underlaying values of sisterhood. Be a part of the NPN journey and share your narratives with us. Lets be unapologetic about our traumas, triumps and transformations.

“NPN looks stunning! I love the visuals, the content is engaging and thought provoking. “

C. Doyley

“I absolutely love this! The way you encapsulated this moment was somehow cathartic, like an ancestor dwelling in me identified. I really needed to read this. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.”

Rineya – A Search For Freedom

“‘My worth only visible through trade and sex. They only see me as as Black stain in their pure White sheets. Merely validating my existence in abusive acts of ignorant enlightenment’ – You capture my feelings in a way I could not articulate. This is emotional. I  cried because I was thumping my chest saying…this…is…it! Thank you.”

Pluralistic Voices – Blackness